Capture, Share and Live Life’s Moments Because Missing Them Can’t be Replaced. But, Now Your Phone Can

Get the Ultimate Phone Protection! 365 Days of Worry Free Guarantee Replacement for Only 1 Payment of $59.99

Best of all, when you get ShieldX2Plus for your smart phone or tablet you also get myLife personalized phone backup and instant recovery. Now, not only do you get your lost, stolen, or broken phone replaced in only a few days, you also immediately get all of your contacts and the memories that you lived, captured, and shared with your friends and family.

365 Days of a Worry Free Replacement Protection For Only 1 Payment of $59.99

Protection from Drops, Spills and You

Just submit your claim and get your replacement phone sent to you. You don’t need to come up with stories about what happened to your phone or tablet to get it replaced.

Avoid expensive repairs & replacement costs

Cell phones are expensive. Do you want to waste your money on expensive repair costs? Get ShieldX2Plus and you won’t waste a penny on cell phone repairs.

Get Your Life Back Fast. Guaranteed!

We know you need to get your life back. That’s why you don’t want to waste your time around getting your new phone. All you have to do is file your claim and let us do the work for you. Just relax and get your replacement phone in only a few days.


  • I dropped my phone and the screen broke. ShieldX2Plus replaced my phone for $25, and they didn't care how I broke it!

    Ron Davidson
    Ron Davidson
  • I heard about the ShieldX2, and while I was debating  cancelling my current plan with T-Mobile my son drops his phone in the ocean….done…phone ruined teenager freaking out… I can’t believe I did not buy the Shieldx2 as the deductible is only $25.00 and this would have been covered, instead I had to pay $175.00 deductible.  So after his replacement phone came I cancelled the T-Mobile plan and bought the Shieldx2 protection plan for him my wife and me with my 1 year old phone.

    Carlos: Miami Beach
    Carlos: Miami Beach